10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Bikini Competition

By Katherine Goodrich Follow Katherine on Instagram Let’s be honest, most of you reading this have these visions of glamour and sparkly bikinis... you see the fun and exciting things show days brings. But what you need to know is that is only 5% of the process. It’s what I saw and thought “Wow! This... Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Managing Life as a Competitor and Mom

1.       Always prep your meals! Meal prep is the surefire way to success on your competition prep journey. It is all too easy to grab a quick bite for the you and the kids when your time is limited. Carrying your meals with you during all your activities, everywhere you go, is a simple way prevent... Continue Reading →

Packing for a Show

As a new competitor, it’s difficult to know what you should pack for your first show. Here’s is a detailed list of all the essentials. Print this checklist! Suit (x2 if you have an extra one) Shoes (x2 if you have them) Jewelry Clothing/robe to wear after your tan Sheets for the hotel bed Flip... Continue Reading →

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