Check-ins to Show Day

NPC bikini competition

The time has come, the moment is here. You have prepped for this, sweat for this, ate for this and dreamed of this. Hi, my name is Rosada! I am a mom, wife, health and life coach, legging lover and an amateur bikini competitor. I am 35 years old and never thought I would compete in a bodybuilding competition let alone in a bikini for all to see. I have competed since 2018 and have placed in 10 shows 3 of those being nationals.

Now let me tell you, when I first considered doing a competition it was purely to say, “I did that” and as a challenge by a friend and then coach. I thought it was all beauty, glam and a strong body, all of which I didn’t think I had. Of course, after watching a few shows as a bystander and witnessing a few friends compete I found out there was way more involved. Well, you know, you have come this far so you don’t need all the details that goes into a prep. Not to mention each coach, competitor has a different approach, but we all end up in the same place…check ins.

Check ins are always the evening before show day and most get their first tan before or after they have checked in. You’ll show up to the venue and get in line based on your division. You’ll get a height check, and they will then give you your number pin (this goes on your bikini) do not lose it. Depending on the host of the show, you may get a goodie bag and/or shirt. There will also be a vendor to order stage photos as well. You’ll be surrounded by competitors who looked tired, meal prep and water in hand and some will look dark from their first tan. Then rest and show day!

Show day and backstage can be such a surreal moment. My first time backstage I just staired in disbelief at how many competitors I was surrounded by and knowing how hard they worked to get to this point. Oh, and the smell…at this point you should have gotten your second coat of tan and either already have your stage glam (makeup/hair) done or getting it done by vendor backstage. Back to the smell…it is a smell of tan, hair spray, body odor and who knows what else. As I am laughing while typing I assure you will become accustom to that smell. You will become comfortable with the uncomfortable. If you are anything like me being half naked not only in front of other women but men too, is one way to break any shyness. First comes prejudging. You will be assigned a class based on your height and then depending on what divisions you signed up for will determine how many times you will step on stage. Be sure to listen as they call your class to line up. Then of course stage time, each show is put on differently but somewhat the same. You’ll get the same 10 to maybe 15 seconds to do your routine and then line up for comparisons. And welp that is it! It goes so fast, so my advice is soak it all up because you worked hard and spent some money to get there! Then you get a break before finals. Finals is fun, generally the hosts like to have the DJ going and you’ll notice more people come to watch. Again, backstage will be busy! You’ll get touch ups on your tan, hair and makeup. You will line up and then time for placings!

It all goes by so fast. My recommendations to you for backstage…is to come prepared. Have everything packed in a rolling suitcase, that way you don’t ruin your tan. Have a mat, small blanket to lay on. Bring your food, water, extra suit and heels, extra jewelry, bands to pump up, extra makeup, mirror, robe, slippers, extra charger and headphones. Have a backup plan for post-show meal, finals are not on a schedule and there is no way of knowing if you’ll get out in time to make it to a restaurant. Generally, your coach will send you a list as well, but you will be surprised at what you will need and not. I am not a pro but after 10 shows I think I got the backstage thing down! ; )

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