5 Tips to Managing Life as a Competitor and Mom

1.       Always prep your meals! Meal prep is the surefire way to success on your competition prep journey. It is all too easy to grab a quick bite for the you and the kids when your time is limited. Carrying your meals with you during all your activities, everywhere you go, is a simple way prevent snacking on extra calories and unhealthy options. If possible, Make enough meals for 5-7 days.

2.       Schedule your workouts like you would a doctor appointment. Put it in your planner, make an appointment on your phone, and write it on your family calendar. Workouts cannot be skipped or made up on your days off. Your coach has created a workout plan which encompasses rest days for muscles to repair and your body to recover. It’s imperative to stay on track.

3.       Take advantage of nap time. Get your cardio in, prep your meals, double check your schedule, or plan your next workout. As a mom, their nap time can be extremely beneficial if managed correctly.

4.       Find a gym that offers childcare. Most big chains offer child care in their gyms which provide opportunities for the kids to be active and social. Knock out your cardio guilt-free while the kids are playing.

5.       Time management is a key aspect of a competitor’s life. If your kids have an hour of gymnastics, use that time to get a quick workout or plan your next day. We love to watch our children participate in activities, but this can also be a great time for YOU. Whether it’s working out or running errands, it will give you more time throughout the day and downtime with your family.

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