Do you need breast implants to compete?

carla Quick answer is NO. You don’t. For me it’s personal preference. I’ve always had a smaller upper body, and I got breasts to be able to compete and fill out the top part of my frame to add some femininity to my shape. There are so many tutorials out there on how to stuff your bikini top, so that you don’t have to get breast implants. Of course it’s a personal choice, and you should research long and hard about them. Here are some pros and cons I’ve found (FOR ME PERSONALLY) over the last few years with my breast implants.
Confidence. Fitting better in bikinis & clothes. Truly that’s it. For me. It’s about confidence for me, and it’s something I’ve always wanted since I was younger that I never had. It’s that cliche thing, I just felt better as a woman with them. I know that’s not the case for everyone but for me, I love the way it makes me feel.
•CONS ⚠️
-Long recovery time. They never seem to feel ‘a part of my body’ I constantly feel them and it does truly feel like it’s a foreign object (cause it is.) Certain exercises I used to do I can’t anymore (pull ups) & its only because it feels strange, it doesn’t hurt but feels strange for me. I have saline, and when I get super lean my breasts ripple and I hate that. So next time I will be getting a different type of implant to prevent this. 👌🏼

Whatever decision you make, it’s not necessary to have implants, and I hope this helped some of you if it’s something you will be considering in the future!

Commentary by IFBB Pro Carla Garthwaite, founder of Cinched by Carla. Follow Carla on Instagram and

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